What are you looking for in a good Chermside dentist?

We want you to be relaxed and free from worry, knowing that the treatment you receive is both required, and of the best possible standard. My Ethos for the surgery is that when we do the job we do it right, and do it right first time. That doesn’t mean that we do the job the quickest in the world or that we lose the means of having you feel relaxed and cared for. Indeed we pride ourselves on giving you individual service with a smile - for a smile that you can be proud of.

Do you like to be cared for?

We like to get a 10/10 rating from our patients for sensitive and pain free dentistry, and our aim is to have you walk out from the surgery feeling more relaxed after your treatment than you would have felt possible! We achieve that by care, conversation and music to suit your taste. Indeed we frequently have patients fall asleep during root canal treatment!

What level of treatment are you looking for?

I also like you to know that I practice ‘Conservative and Cosmetic, Minimum Intervention Dentistry’.That is – If I can get away with a white filling (or restoration as we call it) for a tooth and it gives a good long term success then that is always the way to go, unless there are further cosmetic requirements that should be considered. That means that generally I view crowns as the last resort, because I like to save as much tooth tissue as possible!